Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My baby's first pic

We went to our first ultrasound appointment yesterday and we fell in love with the baby!!! It was seriously so awesome to watch the little guy move...and let me tell you he/she's an active little thing. We saw the baby kicking, stretching, moving, and wiggling. That's my kid :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Breaking Silence

After marriage...then come kids! After over a month of keeping relatively quiet (minus those who have been informed by either my mom or Phil) I figure it's time to make the official announcement! I'm pregnant. As of this week I'm 11 weeks along and looking forward to the second trimester...I hear that after the 12th week morning sickness goes away :) Phil and I are very excited to be parents 6 months earlier than we initially planned...oops!! I do have one very big problem! When I start to feel hungry I know the battle is on! I go to the fridge open it up, look at every ingredient that I have and try to come up with the possibilities, and regardless of how full the fridge is I can't even bear the thought of eating anything other than cream cheese. Now, I can't survive on cream cheese...however I have been unusually creative with it but honestly I need more ideas. Eventually, I'm sure cream cheese will retire like all other ingredients in my fridge but until that day, I need ideas of ways to incorporate it into my meals. Finding something not just appetizing but something that won't make me gag is the goal for now, nutrition will be a concern for the second trimester when hopefully food is not the battle.

Oh...and Phil is not suffering at all...he still gets cooked meals without cream cheese!