Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Our little Chase is no longer our little baby!! We're just wondering who he is growing up to be like??



OR DOG??????

He LOVES dog food...I have to watch him like a hawk around Bogart's meal time.
He loves to crawl through the doggie door...STILL!!!
If Bogart gets to drink out of a dish...then he will find a way. He is always on the hunt for Bogarts abandoned dog bone. Disgusting!
They share everything. Bogarts food, Chase's food...oh I am typing this he's half way out the doggie door. figures. HOLD ON!
Chase's face literally lights up when Bogart enters the room. Chase loves to pet (hit) Bogart and luckily Boggie doesn't mind.
Sharing food again.

Chase and Boggie aren't the only ones who share food around here.

Confession: I ate a whole tub of these for lunch on Monday.

Monday, February 8, 2010

My New Weapon...

That is a prank weapon. I mean, how many times can I throw flour on Phil in the shower and leave icy hot on the toilet seat before they get old. ('s funny everytime). I was at the bottom of the barrel of ideas and then...Chase starting teething and I got my hands on this numbing beauty. It worked perfectly on a piece of bread because of the red tint and jam like appearance.'s hilarious...and a must try!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

What the WHAT???

I'm from a beautiful western state where things like this don't happen. We call this a lock down. Seriously, we can't open our front storm door.
Backyard FULL size grill covered.

Me. Trying to get to the front door via another route. Still impossible.
Phil, attempting to shake down the car. He made it that far. Then stopped.

Chase enjoying the snow with daddy. Before things got bad.

PHOTO OP! First time in the snow :)

We were warned about this storm...which is why I attempted grocery shopping a couple days ago to stock up supplies. What I thought would be a quick trip to the store ended up being two hours. I waited in line to check out for an entire 45 minutes and made an emergency run to the baby aisle where I quickly got baby food and fed him his entire lunch while STILL waiting in line to buy our lunch we had already consumed :)

Let's go back to CALI!!