Friday, May 23, 2008


We finally named our little puppy!!! After considering all the many good suggestions, we've named him Bogart...against my wishes! I wanted to name the dog Dante after the author Dante Alighieri hoping that the name would label him as an intellectual but sadly that name was not liked by a few important decision makers including the missionaries serving in our ward. (I guess you can't buy the missionaries votes with many good meals). Mr. Darcy was also passed up for 'other' reasons. Whatever. His name is Bogart and it's growing on me. We've finally had our first official puppy mess of course besides all the other 'messes' he makes...he's still not entirely potty-trained. We left him alone in the kitchen for 10 minutes and he had chewed up the entire egg carton and left egg shells all over the floor. We're so proud of the little guy. Some of our favorite things about the puppy are the following...
-the noises he makes when he's sleeping. He SNORES!!! I got freaked out one night thinking Bogart had a seizure but I guess he was dreaming about running. Phil assured me he was fine.
-he LOVES food and will do ANYTHING for it. He eats practically anything...grass, acorns, worms, dead birds, caterpillars, anything we're eating, and yes...his own poop. You would think we didn't feed the poor guy but he just has an unquenchable appetite.
-he will stare at inanimate objects anticipating that they will all of a sudden move so Bogart will pounce on them.
-he already knows to run and hide under things when I call his name...I think Phil taught him that one.

In addition to Bogart we have several other pets that we're keeping an eye on. We found some tadpoles while we were fly fishing and decided to bring some home to take care of until they transformed into frogs. Unfortunately I killed 8 out of the 9 by feeding them cake. I was trying to avoid eating the yummy cake myself so feeding it to the tadpoles seemed like a good way to discard it without wasting. I'll stick with dog food with Bogart:) We also found a larva and were curious what insect it would turn we put it into a jar...and died. I think that we better stay away from the insects and amphibians and stick to training the dog!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We have finally done something worth blogging. Nevermind the recent marriage, relocation to the eastcoast, eastern civilization integration (failure), and scientific experimentations...WE GOT A PUPPY!!! We have been in the market for over two months due to Melanie's paranoia of the crime invested neighborhoods of Maryland. After disclosing every personal detail to dog adoption agencies, we've realized that this will be the ONLY adoption process we'll EVER subject ourselves to. Who knew that applying for a stray dog that was euthenasia bound would mean a 10 page application, home inspection, and lists of would think that any environment would be better than death. Anyway...we're happy and proud parents of a 9-week old boxer...the name of which is yet to be determined. We are open to suggestions however all names resembling your own name or members of your family will be immediately overlooked.