Monday, March 22, 2010

Runaway shopping cart!

CAN I SAY HILARIOUS!!! I put him down for a second so I could make a car seat decision and next thing I knew, my cart was off...with Chase driving :) I love him. Everyday he makes me laugh! Sometimes when he does naughty things, I have to strain my face so I don't laugh and encourage his behavior...and he knows it so he just waits until I crack and starts laughing with me. And you better believe I crack every time. LOVE HIM!!!!

*A big thanks to Phil for helping me upload this video from my cell phone!!! He's just awesome! Love you.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Today was a good day...

I burnt

Cooked carrots


Noodles house smells like the inside of a fireplace

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hi this is Sister Hutchings...

Is what I hear EVERY time I call my mother.

This is President what I'm privileged to hear when I call my dad. Phil actually calls him president, as for me and my bros...we have to bring him back down to reality so President is far from what we call him :)

I've dealt with this for a year and a half and I'm actually starting to forget about it (except when I'm visiting the mission home and they refer to each other with their respective titles...SERIOUSLY, you call your wife of over 30 years sister Hutchings in the home when nobody is around and you're in your PJ'S...I digress) Like I mentioned...I'm starting to get used to it, however today was a new day. My mother called me sister Kensington. HUH!??? Seriously, I sound more like a sister missionary you've known for less than a year rather than your own daughter. HA HA :)

Actually, I'm my parents biggest fan even if they mistake me for a missionary. They are serving as mission president in Nashville, TN and working so hard. I love to hear about all the happenings of the mission and especially love to visit the mission home and see all their work and love for the mission field first hand. Thanks for being the best examples. MOM and DAD.