Thursday, December 9, 2010

What a pregnant girl does without exercise...

GETS FAT.  I'm resigning myself to my fate.  My doc strongly suggested no exercise for another 6 weeks!!!!  That'll be a full 12 weeks without running during my first two trimesters.  And I just bought new running shoes :(

On the plus heavy lifting for 6 or more weeks which means I'm the self-designated manager of our move next week (ONE WEEK AWAY). Who doesn't like giving out orders :)

AND...I get to spend more time with this absolutely ADORABLE guy.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The glories of pale skin

My mother has instilled in me a constant fear of skin cancer which has made me a HUGE fan of dermatologists...even though they get to do a FULL body exam.  yikes.

So, a few months back I was determined to get Phil to go to the dermatologist because with all my experience I thought I knew a few things about "suspicious moles".  Well...all my suspicions of Phil's moles turned out to be less than accurate but in the process of scheduling Phil, I decided to go with him for moral support.  I guess my nervousness should have been directed to my own skin...I left the office with two lovely potholes.

Getting to the point...I GOT STITCHES today.  Apparently my dermatologist thought my potholes weren't large enough so they called me back in to slice and dice once again.

I think Phil will be in charge of the dermatologist appointments from now on.  I'm less than thrilled with my wounds namely because I can't hold my boy boy for 6 full weeks.

Phil was the one who was supposed to get sliced.