Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How far would you go...


one of us REALLY likes gum!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Vacation to Boise

We just returned from an AWESOME vacation to one of our favorite states...IDAHO! We loved spending time with the family and shopping for the holidays. Upon our return we discovered a THREE page typed document (pictured) detailing every move bogart made while we were away. We hired a dog walker to come over four times and she gave quite the report...let me pick out choice passages:

"When we walked into the park first thing this afternoon he peed about halfway past the ballfield he pooped across the path from the basketball courts. Changed him from his short to his long leash."

"The two dogs wrestled a little in the yard and did a lot of those "you chase me!" "No, you chase me!" standoffs. He drank a lot of water from the outdoor dish and the birdbath."

"We went back out in the yard around 5:30 and they made some more overtures to play but didn't really get going. He peed, though probably not all he drank."

"He (Bogart) has really been a pleasure, and I've tried to tell him so."

"Both dogs rated the walk boring and unsatisfactory."
So we were very impressed with the level of customer service we were given by the dog walker. We can only hope that we will get this same service from our soon to be babysitters. "Baby cried until just passed 2am. Soiled so we went commando for a while. Peed on the speakers. Both me and baby rated the night boring and sleepless. "
BELLY UPDATE... my seven month (31 1/2 week belly is growin) For those of you who don't know, Phil and I are having a little boy the middle of Feb. and we couldn't be more thrilled.