Sunday, May 10, 2009

Acting out...Part II

So, Bogart got bored the other day and decided to have a hay day in my garden. Yep...that means he ate several plants, dug holes everywhere, and trampled and ruined my nicely stacked rows. Luckily, I have an awesome husband who made a home depot run and together we rebuilt it and put another 2 feet of chicken wire around the garden now making a 5 foot high barrier...I'm going to have to do the polvault to get over and into the garden but least it will stay Bogart free!
Bogart's recent bad behavior didn't stop us from celebrating his one year birthday...actually we just wanted a good excuse for some cake :)

As a sidenote...I can never seem to keep Chase's arms IN this snuggli.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Bogart has acted out...probably because of his recent manicure. I came home to a house full of torn up diapers. I left the house for apparently too long and Bogart found the trash can of diapers and dove in. He'll be outside until I get over being grossed out :) I guess he just had to prove his manhood.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Carried Away

I got carried away again...and painted poor Boggies nails. He's been licking at his paw and hiding it all day seemingly ashamed at his new girly look. Oh, and I know my toes are crooked so no need to comment about them :) Phil tried to paint my skin once where my toenail would be if it weren't was pretty convincing...I finally felt normal. Unfortunately, nail polish lasts much longer when applied to the nail instead of skin so the feeling of normalcy was short lived.

A taste of home

We don't live in San Diego anymore which means that Shamoo and his family are far from our grasp. On Saturday we decided to do the closest thing possible to the "Sea World" experience and go to the national aquarium in Baltimore topped with a dolphin show. The dolphins, as always, were spectacular, probably on loan from San Diego along with the alternate coaching staff who spent most the time trying to sell us on saving the Chesapeake Bay...they even had a video showing us how to pick up trash.

We went to a 4-D Imax film...that's right 4-D. The fourth Dimmension was the added elements of spraying water in our faces and blowing air on our feet and backs. The best part of the film was to listen to all the kids reaction to being sprayed, poked, and winded. At one particular moment a scientist came right to your face and threw up while simultaneously you got sprayed with a mist of water. It felt dirty. The kids cried, laughed, and screamed...and poor Chase came out of the experience wet and alarmed.