Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Week in Review

The madness began on Saturday

1. Our lovely and very reliable (until now) car broke down on Saturday.

2. Phil left for Philly on Monday morning leaving me car-less and husband-less for the week

3. I got sick and went to the doc...I usually don't run to the doctor for the simple flu but a sign of lymes disease is flu like symptoms several weeks after having a tick bite. My paranoia had to be reconciled.

4. Chase got his first bloody nose from a nasty fall...and it was BLOODY

5. Chase fell down the full flight of stairs to the basement...thankfully this time no blood was involved.

6. Boggie threw up 4 times last night - different places throughout the house and ALL on the carpet...and one of those piles my foot met intimately...GROSS.

CAUTION TO THE READER...Gross story ahead.

7. Chase took a bath and I left the bathroom for a couple minutes (okay, you can judge me) and upon my return horror struck. Could it really be??? Chase had done the one thing all mothers dread in the bathtub...pooped but my darling little man took it to the next level of wrong and put the poo in his mouth. I freaked out, of course, almost vomited (I was still feeling sick), and then immediately texted my brothers and dad because I knew they would help me find the humor in the situation.

I think I had plenty of reasons to be discouraged this week...however I made it through with a smile mostly due to my awesome friend, Amber who drove me not once but twice to go pick up my car, brought me some of the yummiest ice cream known to man over, took Chase and I out to a fun lunch date to Chick fil A, and offered her taxi services any time we needed them. She really is the best! Also, thanks to my neighbor Karen who called everyday to make sure I was okay, and who drove me to the doc, waited with me and helped out with Chase.


Fun pics from one of our afternoons stuck at home...

Monday, September 6, 2010


OK. So I haven't said a word all summer about being eaten alive by bugs (Phil has probably heard it a couple times) but I can't take it anymore.

We went on a pleasant 30 minute walk yesterday and I came home with...

9 bites from these guys

AND two of these critters attached!! Their stupid heads were already burrowed into my skin...GROSS!!