Tuesday, July 20, 2010


About a month ago our landlord informed us that they are going to try to sell our home. The real estate agent came by the house and put this wonderfully accurate sign out front!

Text OMG...I think you mean text W.T.H. to 1-800-needs-repair.

GORGEOUS??...you decide...

Bathroom covered in blue tile. So popular these days.

I'm always tripping on the uneven broken artificial tiles in the kitchen.
As far as I'm concerned...gorgeous is an exaggeration when functionality is in question.

Phil's rigged up system so we can have an electrical outlet in the bathroom via the other end of the extension cord. Don't even think about turning the light off while I'm trying to heat my flat iron.

Toothbrush holder has two problems. ONE-the holes are too small to fit a toothbrush (even chase's) and TWO- placed too close to the cupboards so even if we could fit our toothbrushes into the container they would be impossible to access. Very good thinking there.

UMMMM....where's the toilet paper????? Oh, why didn't I think to look behind the towels? No joke...the ONLY towel hanger happens to be directly above the toilet paper ring...both very much permanent fixtures on the wall.