Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Birthday....

To my HOT and AWESOME husband!

Okay...so I told myself and Phil that I wouldn't be all cheesy and post a blog entry dedicated to him for his birthday...I changed my mind. Why not?

He's awesome for so many reasons...here's a few to chomp on.

  • He can do anything better than me. Sometimes it makes me mad...not really :) Example...I cook most of the meals around this joint and rarely, other than BBQ, does he come near the kitchen (most of that is due to time constraints). He waltzes into the kitchen the other night with a bag of gourmet groceries and whips up an AMAZING pasta without a recipe...better than any I've ever attempted. Grrrr....jokes.
  • He loves sauces and condiments and will practically try ANY condiment on any dish. Sometimes it doesn't work out. The worst is when we have waffles because he mixes them all (honey, PB, jam, syrup, powdered sugar, fruit) on the same waffle for an overbearing breakfast experience. Maybe it's how he wakes up. WOW.
  • He can fix anything...and I mean anything.
  • His lips are huge...a Bourne trait that hopefully passes on to our children. I'll feel so bad if I give my dried up skinny lips to the kids.
  • He looks great with or without a shave...can't say the same for me (legs)
  • He is the hardest worker I know...which is slightly amusing to me because I had an ungrounded concern about his work ethic in San Diego...who actually works in SD when the beach is minutes away?
  • He is the scout of all scouts...a true Idahoan.
  • Witty, clever, sarcastic...you name it
  • He has an interest in practically everything and has quite the list of hobbies...naming a few: guitar, painting, constructing robots, reading books such as Isaac Newton and Einstein biographies, fly fishing (also tying the artificial flys he uses as bait), rollar hockie, running (he started running with me in San Diego and now has surpassed me as the better runner...again grrrr), cooking, camping, hiking, biking, restoring rusted old bikes, backpacking, rock climbing, wakeboarding, wind surfing, surfing, and videography
  • He volunteers to help with the baby at all hours of the night even when he has a 16 hour day ahead of him...of course I don't allow it but I totally appreciate the kind offers
  • Chase seriously adores him. Everytime Chase hears his voice he looks around to find him and just stares at him while smiling. Phil is a great father.
  • He's addicted to Diet Coke...but won't admit it. Jaleen knows what I'm talking about :)

Smart, funny, talented, kind...what more could I ask for in a husband. I just love him :)

Newton's Third Law...

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"

If only this could apply to the relationship of a newborn baby growing and the newly postpartum mother's waist line shrinking. The key of the wish is an EQUAL and OPPOSITE reaction. Not to distort the meaning of Newton's third law but oh how I wish that I could shrink as quickly as my baby grows :) Last month alone he jumped from the 20th percentile to the 80th growing a whole 4 inches and gaining over 5 pounds!! Subtracting 4 inches from my waist line would do wonders :) Let's look at my little mans progress.

Notice the swollen appeal in my face has thankfully left...we'll keep hoping about the waistline :)


Monday, April 20, 2009

Eco Geek

Problem: Notice the amount of one of our recent energy bills

Solution: Geek ourselves out with eco friendly innovations that save gas/electricity...one option pictured below. Solar Oven.

Once the rain stops we will test our creation and I will surely blog the results. Say goodbye to $400 bills and being "normal"

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chase is Bourne!

This post is long overdue. First of all, things with the doctor went well. She arrived to the hospital promptly...approximately an hour and a half after the babies head was already crowning and I was dialated to a ten. Apparently she thought she had time to kill so she was setting up for the surgeries she was going to perform later that day in the SAME hospital I was patiently waiting in. Oh also, she hung up on our nurse...our nurse was NOT happy about it. Regardless of the doctor, the delivery went smoothly and Chase is healthy, VERY cute, and sometimes happy :) We're suspecting he has a little colic but nothing has been determined yet. The hardest adjustment is dealing with the dog. He's extremely jealous and wants my attention constantly. I locked myself in a room to eat dinner last night just to hide from the him...the dog (No, I was not hiding from Phil, he wasn't home) and I could hear Bogart breathing under the door trying to get in. He decided to just wait there until I came out which was an entire 30 minutes. Crazy dog. Luckily there is a dog park a few miles from our home which has now become a daily outing for the baby and I. I love EVERY face that Chase makes and wish that I could capture them all on film...here's a few of our favorite shots.