Friday, January 30, 2009

Doctor Drama

Let me just start by saying I am not against all medicine, I'm not a homeopathic (not that there is anything wrong with it), and I certainly don't hate all doctors...just mine!!

On Tuesday I went in for my 37 week exam...yes, that means I'm three meagly weeks away from delivery :)...and during my conversation with my mean doctor the topic of inducing came up. As pregnant women, we all have very different philosophies/concerns about labor and delivery and one of my concerns is unnecessarily inducing labor. It works for some...but I would rather allow my body to naturally go into labor. It has been my understanding that a safe delivery is between the weeks of 38-41 (or 42 depending on the doc) but my doctor seems to think that 4 days past your due date you're high risk. I simply stated to my doc that I would like to avoid pitocin if possible...this was her reply and I'm not adding or subtracting from her words... "Pitocin is better than a stillborn. You have to weigh it out, Pitocin (pause) OR dead baby." (There were accompanying hand gestures to emphasize the two options she suggested.) AND THEN SHE WALKED OUT!! Like that was the final statement. No explanation, no talking it through, not even a goodbye/nice to see you. Unfortunately I'm weeks away from delivering and a new doc is not an option so I'm stuck with the beast. Apparently I'm not allowed to have an opinion or even request information from her as it's too burdensome.