Friday, November 28, 2008


The Turkey Run-Off

Chasing the dog has become a daily routine. Bogart has become part of the family. He is very sweet and has a hilarious personality.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Somethingest Man Alive!

Listen. I can't be standing still for all kindsa photo-opps everytime we walk by People mags. I am happy with Somethingest Man Alive for now. That leaves the door open for maybe seconds on desert, or maybe I won't go running this month, or maybe I won't make millions of dollars by starring as a warewolf with no past, or a ghost hunter with no past, or the inventor of the elevator.

Just take me the way I am!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas came early :)

Christmas came early this year with a lovely gift from my in-laws! After many years of secretly wanting a sewing machine...I FINALLY have my very own and I LOVE it. It came just in time so that I could piece together the quilts for a service project for Relief Society. Although I will take credit for the stitching, I can't take credit for the lovely material combinations (sarcastic comment). I used the best material from the donated scraps we asked ladies to provide...I guess I don't live in Utah where craftiness is found in abundance...I'll note that for future projects :)

Oh and I think we're all waiting to hear who won the competition that Phil's not very nice to keep us all in suspense like this!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

We're getting EVICTED

Okay, not really evicted...but it kinda feels like it. Our wonderful landlord called us last week and informed us that he cannot renew our lease because he is going to let his son and daughter in-law live in our cute little townhouse. Now, this alone is not the problem. He wants us to move out February 1st...TWO WEEKS before I'm due to have a baby. Excuse me? Is it possible to move when you are moments away from delivering? Apparently our unsympathetic landlord believes so as he won't let us out of our lease early and doesn't seem to have any suggestions for a reasonable comprimise. Bless his heart, he did suggest that we pay through the end of our lease (January) yet move out anytime we wanted...basically suggesting that we pay for two places for the month of January. I'm glad I got his permission for that genius idea. All plans to paint the nursery have been put on hold.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Journal Bribe

If you can't read his handwriting, it says "You can spend this when you find it" and placed in my journal was a crisp 100 dollar bill :)
Have I spent the money? NO. I am an honest person and will not take what is not earned.
Is $100 dollars incentive enough to actually write in my journal? Since he tried to bribe me over 3 weeks ago and I have yet to make a journal entry apparently it's not an adequate price for the effort it would take.

CONFESSION...I have written in journals before, in fact I had two journals full of entries cover to cover, however, I have destroyed them (before I was married...I'm not sure Phil would allow that to happen). It started with a curiosity to read old entries...after a grimace and a disapproval of the grammar, the content, or the organization, I simply ripped out a single entry...this happened again and again and left my journal with obvious holes so the only logical thing to do was throw the entire thing away. Now that I'm married to an advocate of Journaling, what I put on paper is remedies allowed :(

Oh by the way...the wedding dress picture was taken a month ago...I can no longer fit. Here's our belly competition (Phil's trying to keep up with me)

I'm bordering 6 months pregnant (25 weeks) ...and we found out that we're having a BOY :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Haunted Halloween

Bogart -> Bogartina.
This is a blog take over. Yes, I am taking over because you haven't touched it for like 4 months. And don't give me this about oh I'm pregnant, oh I'm working on my thesis, oh I'm substituting, oh I'm teaching piano and voice, oh I'm in the relief society presidency. Prioritize, come on.
Some how she has found time to make a costume for the dog that pushes most of the boundaries of normal accepted society. Behold.

Nothing a couple weeks of..hold on a sec. Major snoring coming from the couch
and its


Mel is still getting used to being pregnant and she is doing a great job. She is still in all her normal clothes and that is apparently a very big deal. Seriously though, Melanie I am so proud of you, keep up the good work.

"See, it still fits."

Our recent trip to Nashville was a success. Tennessee is beautiful and full of country music stars.

Seen here are a pair of glasses from a local star. Our competition tonight is to see who can guess to whom these glasses currently belong. "Comment" your answers. And check back soon for the revealing truth.
Good night.