Thursday, December 9, 2010

What a pregnant girl does without exercise...

GETS FAT.  I'm resigning myself to my fate.  My doc strongly suggested no exercise for another 6 weeks!!!!  That'll be a full 12 weeks without running during my first two trimesters.  And I just bought new running shoes :(

On the plus heavy lifting for 6 or more weeks which means I'm the self-designated manager of our move next week (ONE WEEK AWAY). Who doesn't like giving out orders :)

AND...I get to spend more time with this absolutely ADORABLE guy.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The glories of pale skin

My mother has instilled in me a constant fear of skin cancer which has made me a HUGE fan of dermatologists...even though they get to do a FULL body exam.  yikes.

So, a few months back I was determined to get Phil to go to the dermatologist because with all my experience I thought I knew a few things about "suspicious moles".  Well...all my suspicions of Phil's moles turned out to be less than accurate but in the process of scheduling Phil, I decided to go with him for moral support.  I guess my nervousness should have been directed to my own skin...I left the office with two lovely potholes.

Getting to the point...I GOT STITCHES today.  Apparently my dermatologist thought my potholes weren't large enough so they called me back in to slice and dice once again.

I think Phil will be in charge of the dermatologist appointments from now on.  I'm less than thrilled with my wounds namely because I can't hold my boy boy for 6 full weeks.

Phil was the one who was supposed to get sliced.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New pastime

Chase has found a new pastime.  Coloring whether it be with crayons, chalk, pencil, pen...whatever the utensil as long as it makes a mark.  Here's some of his latest artwork...

Friday, October 22, 2010


I would say that is the current state of our lives right now. New job. Moving across the country. Trying to buy a home before the holidays. Shopping for a new car. And...............NEW..............BABY. I'm in the business of shocking everyone these days :)

I'm 12 weeks pregnant and almost over the first trimester/sickness hump :) It's been a crazy pregnancy with 3 ultrasounds already but everything is finally looking healthy and I can exercise again :) Pregnancy nausea which turns into very unhealthy eating + no exercise by doctors demands = an awful 6 weeks. Happy to say I went for a run on Monday for the first time in over a month and I enjoyed every minute :)

We're hoping for another one of these...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Calling out to ALL prospective DC visitors!

You better get on a plane and SOON because Phil has happily accepted an engineering position back in San Diego :) That is a little less than 2 months I will be in a state I call home and where I don't have to wear uggs around the house to stay reasonably warm.

So many things to look forward to.

Now...if we can just find affordable housing :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Week in Review

The madness began on Saturday

1. Our lovely and very reliable (until now) car broke down on Saturday.

2. Phil left for Philly on Monday morning leaving me car-less and husband-less for the week

3. I got sick and went to the doc...I usually don't run to the doctor for the simple flu but a sign of lymes disease is flu like symptoms several weeks after having a tick bite. My paranoia had to be reconciled.

4. Chase got his first bloody nose from a nasty fall...and it was BLOODY

5. Chase fell down the full flight of stairs to the basement...thankfully this time no blood was involved.

6. Boggie threw up 4 times last night - different places throughout the house and ALL on the carpet...and one of those piles my foot met intimately...GROSS.

CAUTION TO THE READER...Gross story ahead.

7. Chase took a bath and I left the bathroom for a couple minutes (okay, you can judge me) and upon my return horror struck. Could it really be??? Chase had done the one thing all mothers dread in the bathtub...pooped but my darling little man took it to the next level of wrong and put the poo in his mouth. I freaked out, of course, almost vomited (I was still feeling sick), and then immediately texted my brothers and dad because I knew they would help me find the humor in the situation.

I think I had plenty of reasons to be discouraged this week...however I made it through with a smile mostly due to my awesome friend, Amber who drove me not once but twice to go pick up my car, brought me some of the yummiest ice cream known to man over, took Chase and I out to a fun lunch date to Chick fil A, and offered her taxi services any time we needed them. She really is the best! Also, thanks to my neighbor Karen who called everyday to make sure I was okay, and who drove me to the doc, waited with me and helped out with Chase.


Fun pics from one of our afternoons stuck at home...

Monday, September 6, 2010


OK. So I haven't said a word all summer about being eaten alive by bugs (Phil has probably heard it a couple times) but I can't take it anymore.

We went on a pleasant 30 minute walk yesterday and I came home with...

9 bites from these guys

AND two of these critters attached!! Their stupid heads were already burrowed into my skin...GROSS!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Have you ever...

Gone grocery shopping without knowing you left your wallet at home??? Such a fun realization when a line of anxious shoppers are waiting to check out behind you and the clerk is standing there with an outstretched arm waiting for payment...OOPS. Also add to the situation an overtired toddler who was making his discomfort known to all who would listen.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

CROCS...yes or no???

I've always been a croc hater. ALWAYS. Don't like them, don't want them, and don't really want to see them. What does one do when a spouse arrives home with the despised purchase for our son? Compromise. It was hard...but I did it. Our compromise resulted in this fantastic sun tan.

If you didn't notice...he has approximately 5-6 clearly tanned dots on his feet marking the fabulous design of the shoe.

I think Alisa said it best in a statement she made on her blog, "I truly do not understand these plastic contraptions and their various offspring which seem to be taking over the world two ugly shoes at a time." *
*I did not receive permission from the author of this quote. Please forgive Alisa :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


About a month ago our landlord informed us that they are going to try to sell our home. The real estate agent came by the house and put this wonderfully accurate sign out front!

Text OMG...I think you mean text W.T.H. to 1-800-needs-repair.

GORGEOUS?? decide...

Bathroom covered in blue tile. So popular these days.

I'm always tripping on the uneven broken artificial tiles in the kitchen.
As far as I'm concerned...gorgeous is an exaggeration when functionality is in question.

Phil's rigged up system so we can have an electrical outlet in the bathroom via the other end of the extension cord. Don't even think about turning the light off while I'm trying to heat my flat iron.

Toothbrush holder has two problems. ONE-the holes are too small to fit a toothbrush (even chase's) and TWO- placed too close to the cupboards so even if we could fit our toothbrushes into the container they would be impossible to access. Very good thinking there.

UMMMM....where's the toilet paper????? Oh, why didn't I think to look behind the towels? No joke...the ONLY towel hanger happens to be directly above the toilet paper ring...both very much permanent fixtures on the wall.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Glasses? ...Glasses!!

Sometimes the English language intersects with irony so forcefully that Socretes the Great Philosopher himself would have trouble making sense of it.

In English, eye glasses and drinking glasses are hard to tell apart phonetically speaking and so their fates are intertwined. But Italian for instance, specchio and bicchiere, have a fates phonetically disconnected and are subject to their own course in the universe, as it were.

The universal course of glasses and glasses in our house generally is a short ride to the recycle bin and then on to the great unknown.

Here is our cupboard where we used to store our glasses.
And here is the dishwasher where you can sometimes find the rest of the glasses when you are in a crunch before you have time to unload the dishwasher, which task takes less and less time by the way.
Yes, 3 surviving glasses.

Here is Melanie's glasses who's unfortunate naming convention got them into a heap of trouble.

Here is the replacement for our glasses. I will let you try to figure out which iteration we mean here.

And here is the author of much of the fate going on around here.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fire Flys

We caught a few bugs to help light up the house because we are totally joining the green movement.

Now we just can't figure out how to turn em off.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Chase, Chase, Chase

Chase is growing and getting more personality each and every day and we LOVE it :) Here's some of the things that he's been doing recently...

Loves to collect Sippy cups and carry two at a time.

Loves to bite down on everything, usually it's a fork or spoon mid meal or his toothbrush while trying to keep those few teeth he has clean. Pictured here is a plastic something or other found in the mystery spot in our house where he finds all completely random and unknown items.

LOVES mud and splashing. Lots of laundry for me these days.

Pool time

Isn't this the cutest whining face ever??? I just can't help loving this face in all of it's varieties.Messy meals
Loves to show off and carry around his sippy cup with no hands.
I don't have a picture of this...but he LOVES to bonk his head gently on any hard surface. I hear it in the morning when he wakes up, at nap time, in our living room against the glass french doors etc. Just the other day when Phil and I went running he put his forehead on the stroller tray in front of him to catch the vibrations...all while laughing. He's so silly sometimes :)

Friday, April 16, 2010


I am currently addicted to photoshop and it's killing progress on the looming thesis!! The pictures I worked on this morning!


After... (hopefully that's obvious!)
Before...Yes, I let him destroy his whole cake that I worked for an hour to decorate...where's the logic?? -Michelle...Phil probably would have complained about the frosting to cake ratio anyway.

After... he's still a dirty mess!

Now on to my thesis... YEA!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chase is talking...

GIBERISH!! I've watched this video a hundred times and it makes me smile every time. I LOVE my boy!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mickel Man WINS!!

Very few people know how much I enjoy watching golf!! I know, it seems boring...but when you grow up with three brothers and a dad that love it, I guess it just rubs off on ya. After watching a rather stressful tournament years ago at my grandpa's house my gramps said to my mom, "Is she always like this when watching golf?" This referred to my occasional outbursts! Usually the answer is no but last night was another one of those tournaments with a racing heart sitting nervously on the edge of the couch. Phil may have told me last night that I looked flushed during a stressful moment :) I actually had to cover my eyes a couple times because I couldn't bare the disappointment had Mickel man missed key shots. Oh but the joy that followed when victory was made :) Thanks for some good entertainment Phil Mickelson!