Friday, July 24, 2009

Symphony or Exercise???

So, Phil called me on Wednesday asking me out on a date to see Beethoven's 9th symphony since I'm currently reading his biography. We arranged for a babysitter and figured that we would purchase tickets when we got there since I'm still technically a grad student and I get a discount. I've been to many symphonies my days and I've NEVER been to one with a packed house so I didn't even consider the possibility that the show would be sold out. I think we made history last night...the first couple to be turned away from a symphony performance. What happened to the struggling arts?

This was us all dressed up, ready to be high class and to lower the average age of the audience at least 20 years.

This is us after driving 40 miles only to be escorted out...what else could we do at 9:00 with only an hour and a half left with a babysitter. That's right. We went on a night run in the rain.

Although the night was a date disaster, we still had a good time and we exercised long enough to indulge in some mint moose track ice cream. Anyone top that?

Friday, July 3, 2009

One finger is NOT enough

Yes. That time has come. Chase LOVES putting anything in his mouth and when nothing is in reach, he resorts to ALL of his fingers. He apparently doesn't chose favorites.

We went to the National Arboretum in Washington DC last weekend and found this beautiful flower which became victim to Chase's new found hobby.

He goes for the reach
Then to the mouth...yummy.
The after shot...sign of success. I guess that flower has loads of excess pollen waiting to unload on unsuspecting observers. The pollen originally a purple coarse powder became a yellow stain when mixed with saliva that took two days to completely disappear.

A funny sign that was posted right in the middle of a beautiful nature trail. Random but quite fitting for our little guy!