Saturday, September 26, 2009


Bogart has graduated from his old ways of chewing up everything in sight. I am such a proud mother. He has not chewed up ANY of Chase's toys even though they are always within reach (on the floor). Here is the FINAL list of Bogart's destruction...

-Yellow/Black high heels
-Red leather shoes
-Black sparkly high heels (still wearable at this point)
-Chap stick
-Prego Candy supposedly to help with least that's what I told Phil (a whole box)
-Cinnamon Bears shipped from Utah (they don't exist on the east coast....Grrr)
-Rich Dad Poor Dad book
-Unknown CD...too demolished to identify
-1/2 of flip flop
-6 foot palm plant...Destroyed
-Door stop stick
-Video camera card
-Shampoo bottle
-Message oil
-massage roller
-Paint brushes
-Countless pens/pencils/water bottles
-My dad's Green pencil
-I Pod Card
-Screen Door at the mission home
-Countless golf balls
-Finished off black sparkly high heels
-straw fishing hat
-An ENTIRE loaf of Italian Bread from the counter
-ENTIRE block of Parmesan cheese AND wrapper
-My contact case
-Front Door Rug
-The Ensign
-Various bills
-Destroyed Phil's black watch
-Ate about half of the wooden lattice on the deck
-Another loaf of bread
-makeup brushes
-Recycling several times
-HIS food dishes X3 (finally had to go with stainless steel)
-last pair of black Sunday high heels
-6 pack of toilet paper
-Brown high heels
-Adobe CD
-My glasses
-Black flat shoes
-Opened our Christmas presents in Nashville (several destroyed)
-Licked the spackle off the wall 4x's...made it practically impossible to repair wall

So glad this was just a phase.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Who's the bigger slob...

Phil, Bogart, Chase, or ME!!!????

My project.... (don't look Megan)

MY mess...

I won't even bother to show you the kitchen after I've cooked.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ugliest blog contest

So, this evening I decided it was time to refresh my blog background. I of course went to "cutest blog on the block" thinking as the website suggests that I would have an amazingly cute blog page after my visit. To my bitter disappointment I found many templates that had no place on a website that made claims of "the cutest". This particular background made a great laughing impression on Phil and I and inspired us to see if anyone could find an uglier back drop. It's a dare.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I woke up this morning and discovered that the entire top of the cake was missing. Not a bite left with the perfect frosting that used to beautifully lay on top. On Saturday night Phil discovered that the cake tasted much better with less chocolate and more frosting. Eating the top half of the cake was that perfect ratio. (kind of like my brother Brian who insists that the perfect ratio of nuts is 1 Almond to 3 peanuts...and literally counts them every bite) I must admit I did take part a little in Phil's discovery.

Our Reason: We wanted to and we could because we're the parents now!!!

CHASE UPDATE... He's army crawling!!! I just love it. This morning was the first sign of trouble. I walked away for a few minutes and upon my return I saw that Chase had found a pen which marked up his face. BRING ON THE MISCHIEF!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Where's Chase????

If you missed the post from Phil's birthday back in April than you probably don't know that he has found a new hobby of he really needs another hobby! (Actually I love all his hobbies).

I kept poor Chase cooped up indoors all summer because of the Maryland humidity/heat and invasion of bugs...I'm not just talking mosquito's...we have a disgusting amount of ticks everywhere...we pulled over 30 ticks off of Bogart after a hike! Why would I want to expose my precious little man to the miseries of Maryland??!!! Because of Chase's lack of outdoor stimulation he fell madly in love with practically everything outside on our camping adventure in Maine. His favorite thing to do was to sit in his bumbo chair near foliage of any type so he could explore.

Video inspired by Phil's love of Where's Waldo as a child.

(thanks to Phil and his new skills)

Monday, September 7, 2009

New evidence.

This picture was just uncovered from 2006 and tells chilling tell of what life must be like for someone with two left thumbs.

Other evidences of this rare debilitating condition are as follows:

This taken just days after our wedding and is the first recorded evidence of the condition during our marriage. Other non-recordable evidences include a rather lengthy list of flying elbows, hip checks in the mall, and thrice having fallen down the stairs with and without child. (See also posting named "Dinner Down")
Here is a taste of our trip to Maine and the beautiful Acadia National Park.

I forgot extra food for him but this sand held him over for the entire 40 min. drive back to the cabin.