Saturday, January 22, 2011

Amazin Man

That's who I married.  Seriously, how does one perfect so many skills in only 31 years of life!!??

Remember that old window in the red room without any molding or finished touches... THIS one...

Now it looks like this!!!! I can't stop going into the room to sneak another peak. It's beautiful.

Gotta love a handy man!


Erick and Megan said...

Whoo! I can't wait to see the rest of the projects!! What you ddidn't want a red room? :)

AJ said...

Your house reminds me of ours. Luckily, a little paint makes ALL the difference :-) Good luck with the rest of the remodeling!


Hill Family said...

The window looks awesome. It must be an "Idaho Boy" thing to be good at almost everything they do. I experience these wonders all the time with Kendall:) What city are you in? We need to come visit you guys soon!