Thursday, February 17, 2011

2 years later

I can't believe how quickly the 2 years have passed.  Chase has brought such joy to our family and we count our blessings everyday that he's our son!!  Happy Birthday (yesterday) to my boy boy.  Here's some of the things we did to celebrate...
                                                             Had some friends come to visit
                                                                     Devoured a monkey

                                                                 Ate too much sugar

                                                                  Played in muddy water

                                                                Outside fun in the rain

                                                             Went to the science museum

             And finally...opened up presents!!  I bought him a train table that I was going to bring out to him but he got so excited/distracted about the first few gifts we never ended up giving it to him.  We'll have part II of opening up presents tonight.


Carrie & Dustin Nicholes said...

Happy birthday little Chase! We miss seeing him (and you!) around. Hope you are enjoying California!!

Maren said...

So sad I missed this! Looks like Kate and chase love hanging out!

Darby Family said...

Thank you for letting us celebrate with you. We had so much fun with you guys. Can we please do this more often? We need to have you over soon and maybe Maren and Bryan can tag along too. Happy birthday Chase!

Erick and Megan said...

What a fun bday! You make the best party cakes! I want to try to make some animals like you!

Breya Fujimoto said...

I've been so slow to look at blogs lately! Happy Birthday Chase! Gage is so excited to share the day with you, one of these years we'll have to have them together for a double party.